Is it time to abolish appraisals?

Some interesting thoughts from ACEVO and from Happy, who are a great company – but I was swayed by the ice cream many years ago!

The ACEVO blog has moved!

Henry Stewart, founder and chief happiness officer of Happy, makes the case for ditching annual appraisals and take a different approach when it comes to giving feedback. 

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I still remember a story told, 35 years ago, at a seminar on appraisals. They gave the example of somebody who was made redundant due to poor performance after ten years in the job. Apparently, the problem had been there throughout the period but nobody had ever told him. He thought he was doing fine.

That, we were told, is why you need an annual performance appraisal – so people get proper feedback and have a chance to improve. I was certainly convinced and went back to set up appraisals in the company…

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