Tips for making a good funding application

by Chris Trevorrow. May 2022.

purple background. Jars of coins with plants growing out of them. CCVS logo. Making a Good funding application

1. Are you ready to apply?

Have you got a constitution and a management committee?

Do you have key policies, procedures and insurance in place?

 Are your accounts up to date?

 Have you submitted any outstanding reports to previous funders?

Do you have the permissions needed to undertake your project for example permission from your landlord for alterations to a building.

2. What are you applying for?

What beneficiary need are you meeting?

What outcomes and activities will you deliver?

Who will run things, and do they have the required skills and experience?

What do you want to spend the funders money on?

When will your activity take place?  Will the funder decide in time? Most funders will not fund something that has already happened.

3. Can you make a convincing case for support?:

What is the challenge?

Who is need and why?

What do those in need want?  Are your beneficiaries involved in developing your ideas?

Why is this the solution the one to back and why is your group best placed to do it?

4.    Can you provide evidence of need? For example,

Do you have credible up to date research?

Evidence of unmet need?

Letters of support?

5.    Is your budget realistic and offering value for money?  Does it add up correctly?

6.    Find potential funders

Who might fund your activity? Is it a good match for their stated priorities? Will they fund the items you are asking for? Will the timing of their decisions work for your project?

Search for funders using the Support Cambridgeshire 4 Community online funding portal

Check out funders own data on what and who they have funded via GrantNav

Search the accounts of similar charities to your own to see who funded them, you can find information on the Charity Commission register

Sign up to Support Cambridgeshire funding alerts

Contact CCVS for other ideas