Climate Change – taking positive action together

By Sally Page. January 2022

CCVS team members volunteered for a morning, planting trees with Cambridge Past, Present & Future

As a voluntary sector organisation CCVS have committed to take positive climate action through becoming a signatory of the Cambridge Climate Change Charter. 

We recognise that the growing climate emergency is a serious risk to the success of our operations and to the future wellbeing of our staff, our stakeholders and the wider community, and are determined to take positive action. 

We signed the Cambridge Climate Change Charter to demonstrate our commitment to tackling the causes of climate change and want you to join us, the more organisations that take positive climate action, the bigger the difference we can make.

Cambridge Climate Change Charter, what’s it all about?

The Charter gives individuals, households, businesses and organisations the opportunity to understand their carbon emissions and how to reduce them, providing a platform to make a pledge to take positive action. Launched in 2020 by the Cambridge City Council and Cambridge Carbon Footprint, the Charter has engaged with numerous individuals, businesses and organisations and we are proud to say that we have added our voice to this growing community of local climate leaders.  

As an organisation we understand that we have a unique opportunity to act as climate leaders in the community through the action we take and through empowering and supporting customers, staff, stakeholders and other businesses. The Cambridge City Council declared a climate emergency back in February 2019 and has set a target for Cambridge to be net zero by 2030. We strongly believe that businesses and organisations have a key role to play in the city’s journey to net zero and in building a sustainable future for all in Cambridge and beyond. Over the next 12 months we will be working hard to measure and report our emissions, starting to decarbonise our operations, and will be demonstrating climate leadership.

What are CCVS already doing? 

We have started this process by updating our Environmental Policy and creating an Action Plan to bring in positive change and keep track of our progress. These positive changes include nominating a Green Champion and putting in place ways to record our footprint, both in the office and when working from home. We have introduced staff initiatives such as the bike to work scheme and made individual pledges, that we shared on social media platforms. Pledges included buying second-hand clothes, planting trees, reducing our food waste, walking more, and improving our house insulation. In addition, some of the team volunteered with Cambridge Past, Present & Future to plant some trees! It was a lovely way to catch-up with colleagues, spend time in nature and have a positive impact on our local environment.

How can you get involved? Join us in taking positive climate action.

Contact us for advice or support in writing or updating your Environmental Policy or Action Plan by emailing the team on

Attend our upcoming Coffee Briefing by Cambridge Carbon Footprint on 16 February at 10am. This free, informal 20-minute session will introduce you the Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s Charter and act as a great opportunity to ask questions about how your organisation can reduce its environmental impact. Book your place today.

Find out more about how you can make a difference through the Charter as an individual, household, business or organisation and how to join a community of climate leaders in Cambridge, by exploring Cambridge Carbon Footprint’s Charter webpages