Online Training Using Zoom

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Graphic of Zoom meeting

When COVID-19 changed everything, training in the classroom was replaced by training over Zoom. For me, that transition was a little slow, and not without some hiccups. But after some 16 months of running online workshops, I think that virtual training is here to stay.

The advantages are clear. No need for anyone to travel, no need to hire a room, and as a result, fewer overheads. Also, while COVID-19 is still infecting many thousands every day, there is no risk of spreading the disease at an online event.

But the downsides also need consideration. In particular, opportunities for networking and engagement are reduced. As an online trainer, you can’t really mingle; and for breakout activities, you are in the hands of Zoom breakout rooms which can, in my experience, be hit or miss in terms of usefulness. Also, obtaining training feedback usually relies on linking…

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