A Local Viral Ice Bucket Collaboration?

Neighbourhood Cares Soham

By Wendy Lansdown | On Twitter @wendylansdown

On Sunday Patrick Quinn, the founder of the Ice Bucket challenge sadly died aged 37 of motor neurone disease. What an amazing legacy and inspiration he leaves. It made me nostalgic for that year when icy water brought so much fun and awareness, and personally at the end of that long hot summer (or is that just my rosy specs?) I got involved in a local community off-shoot – the Nice Bucket Challenge which saw neighbours exchanging buckets of lovely stuff… including many courgettes!

Every day I’m amazed by the creativity of individuals and the ingenuity of communities working together to move mountains. Just recently there this has been super-charged, and it drew me back to our blog to grasp the opportunity to appreciate, reflect, and ponder on how through our Think Communities approach we (folk in the public and voluntary sector) can…

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