What charities should be thinking about in the event of a No-Deal Brexit

Have you thought about BREXIT and your charity, thought not. Luckily Lloyds Foundation have some pointers.

Lloyds Bank Foundation Blog

With Britain’s exit from the European Union just over the horizon and with uncertainty surrounding the Government’s Brexit deal, it can be hard to plan for the future. Our Director of Policy, Communications and Research Duncan Shrubsole looks at what charities need to think about should the threat of a no-deal Brexit become a reality.


Like anyone else in the country, Brexit may be frustrating, inspiring or just bewildering you.

With no clear political way forward in sight, it is increasingly important for charities to think through what the potential implications might be for yourselves, particularly if in less than six weeks we leave the European Union with No-Deal.

The Government has published a series of notices on the potential impacts on their special Brexit website. This covers everything from changes to standards and regulations and what to do if you import or export goods or services from abroad.

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