Just over a week left

Ok what happened to February, even with a whole extra day I must have missed it, and on the same vein how did my daughters reach five and seven.

 They say time flies when you are enjoying yourself so I must really like my job. March is upon us and there is only a few days left to take the Cambridgeshire VCS survey. Whilst we recognise that this takes up your valuable time we really appreciate the information that it gives us. Not only does it help us develop the services that you want but it also helps us demonstrate our impact to our funders. In these times of austerity the better we are able to show how work benefits organisations and improves their outcomes the easier it is for us to argue for continued funding.

We would be the first to stop doing what we are doing if we did not believe it makes a difference. Feedback we get back tells us the importance of having an organisation like CCVS around in times of crisis, there to provide support and direction to all those that make such a difference to communities.

So if you haven’t taken our survey please do by clicking here and forward the link to anyone else you know who is involved in a voluntary organisation or community group in Cambridgeshire.

 survey 2016 button




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