Alcohol Awareness – Make A Change This January

Feel better and raise money for charity…. What’s not to like?

Fenland Community Safety Partnership


Taking on the challenge of giving up booze for a month could have lots of potential perks. Just imagine what awesome things you could achieve in an ironwilled month without hangovers.

  • Feel more energetic and get more things done
  • Sleep better or even snore less
  • Cut the boozy calories and lose weight – find out how many you could save with our alcohol calculator
  • Eat more healthily and increase your activity to get the maximum benefit
  • Make small changes that fit into your everyday life so it’s easier to stick with long term. A good place to start are the Ten Top Tips CRUK created with Weight Concern
  • A healthier, happier bank balance
  • A sense of achievement with your newfound hero status
  • A fresh outlook on your alcohol consumption
  • Time to do all those super cool things you keep putting off. Now’s the time Dryathletes, from…

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