Partnership does work

Cambridge Community Safety Partnership July 2013

The papers for this meeting are available on the City Council website.

First things first credit must go to all those involved in working with individuals who have suffered domestic abuse or sexual violence. It seems that the services on offer in the county are excellent and this is something we should all be proud of. The fact that this seems to be a genuine partnership only adds to the reasons to applaud this work. The one area that recent reviews of the work highlight for improvement was around leadership and governance. Work is underway to address this shortcoming and CCVS will continue to press for the involvement of relevant voluntary organisations.

The meeting also heard back from officers who attended the PCC ‘star chamber’. I have always felt this was an odd choice of name for this type of meeting (check out what Wikipedia has to say). It appears that Sir Graham is happy with the work of the CSP and was impressed by the contribution both in developing partnership work and financially that the CSP brings. The fact still remains that the CSP (along with those in the other districts) is still beholden to the PCC for funding and that he has clear ideas about how he seems to think things should work.

Not much else to report that is not in the papers; crime is down (generally). Cambridge will soon see more Police officers on bikes which can only be a positive thing. The new Business Improvement District (BID) is up and running, find out more on their website. There is also information on the types of project they will be supporting including the soon to be launched ambassadors.

 For an alternative viewpoint on the meeting and what it all means check out Richard Taylor’s blog as once again he has taken the time to attend and to write about his take on proceedings.


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